Family Fun in Cottonwood

By Anita Lum

Posted On April 1, 2022

Why not?  I saw an ad for Blazin’ M Ranch and decided it’d be a fun place to visit even if it sounded a little hokey.  For $62, adults can enjoy the Western-themed frontier town, a delicious dinner and stage show - of course, there is discounted pricing for children and seniors.  Activity tickets can also be purchased separately or included in packaged prices.

The Mabery family purchased the ranch in 1966 and farmed cattle for a time and later on, organic vegetables.  After a flood completely destroyed the ranch in 1993, the musically talented family turned to the entertainment business.  Blazin’ M Ranch opened its doors in 1994.  

We arrived at the Ranch at the suggested time of 5pm (allowing time to participate in events and check out the shops).  My group went straight to the saloon while I went to will call for the tickets (I would have expected no less ).  When I got to the saloon a lively two-man band was serenading the patrons with Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers’ classics.  After we enjoyed our beverages, we walked outside to explore the activities the ranch had to offer.  We didn’t realize at the time that it is allowed to walk the premises with an alcoholic beverage in hand – something to remember…  There are a variety of gift shops to browse through as well as fun activities for all ages including axe throwing, bull riding, shooting gallery and tractor rides.  There’s an old-time photo studio as well.

I suppose we spent more time in the saloon and strolling in and around the shops than we thought.  It didn’t leave us much time for all the activities but we did enjoy a bit of axe throwing.  We’ll hit up the other activities next time!  At 6:30, the dinner bell rang signaling it was time to enter the dinner hall.

Our assigned seats were up front to the left in section A1.  As soon as everyone was seated, the MC explained that the food would be served in the “chuckwagon”.  This was an area they had set up behind the stage.  Folks seated on the right side of the room were the first to be asked to line up for the chuckwagon – starting from the front.  So, as it turns out, those seated in section A1 are actually the last to get their plates but there are a few little perks that come with the extra wait:  anyone at our table was offered an extra serving of menu items once in the chuckwagon area.  The MC also made an extra effort to keep everyone that was seated in A1 content – even fetching some special drinks for a few very surprised patrons that had jokingly asked for them.  

I think I was most surprised about the quality of the food. It was really much better than I expected.  The ribs and chicken were perfectly prepared and portions were more than generous.  Soft drinks are also provided as well as dessert and coffee.  Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at the bar to the right of the stage.

Post-mealtime, the stage show commenced.  It was a memorable family show with a very talented and entertaining band.  The “Ghost Rider” ending was particularly well done and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  If you’re looking for a family-friendly venue in the Cottonwood area, a visit to Blazin’ M Ranch definitely needs to be on your list!